Anabelle: 009


The item listed is postcard size.

CUSTOM ORDER: This item is available as oil on canvas or other mediums of your choice. See the description below for all the details on the sizes and combinations available.

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Annabelle: 009

The item listed is postcard size.

This item is available in the following sizes for oil on canvas.

Min: 500 x 500mm
Max: 1000 x 1000mm

Min: 305 x 406mm
Max: 912 x 1220mm

Square Set of 3:
3 Pieces: 406 x 406mm
3 Pieces: 508 x 508mm

Panorama Set of 3 (Vertical):
3 Pieces: 406 x 406mm
3 Pieces: 508 x 508mm

Square Set of 4:
4 Pieces: 300 x 300mm
4 Pieces: 400 x 400mm

Art Selection for Sets: Please specify three/four art SKU codes for sets. Art selection can be the same or different for each canvas.

Canvas Thickness & Edge Colour: Select 2cm or 4cm thickness with black or white edge colour.

Medium: Oil on canvas, gouache on paper, watercolour and ink.

Price: Subject to size and medium choice.

Placing Your Order: A quote will be emailed to you within 24hrs of receipt of your emailed order. A 30% deposit will be required to process your order. Delivery will be one month from receipt of deposit.

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