the designer

I’m a graduate in branded fashion design and specialize in the creation of contemporary, bespoke and unique products for global luxury brands. This is a collection of professional and personal projects. It will show an overview of work created for different brands from concept to finished product. All my illustrations start with Progresso on paper. I enhance my illustrations with both traditional and digital techniques. My patternmaking background gives me an analytical and conceptual approach to art.


My designs are constantly changing and developing but I am passionate about spontaneous sketching. My favourite subjects are French, Art History, Fashion, Music and Skating Rinks. Yes, I can watch how skaters move on ice or wheels for hours. I think that is why I draw in circles. My illustrations can be ordered in oil on canvas or any medium of choice. I also teach on-location sketching workshops across Sydney. I do numerous design projects for local and international clients.


Most of my artworks to date has been oil on canvas and gouache on paper but I also enjoy experimenting with ink and vegan-wash. I also use mixed media progresso, pencil, pen, watercolour pencil and watercolour.


faces in a fashion crowd

This collection shows clean faces to expose their inner souls. The creative process will be seen in its raw stages. Progresso was used on art paper. I cannot stress how important this step – “the circle your way to shape” is in any creative process. Finding your way, finding your lines, making mistakes and ultimately meeting your artworks for the first time.

the runway

This collection shows the full figure on the runway. The creative process started with Progresso on art paper. I made use of various mediums to create energy in the garments. Being surrounded by art is healthy and good for the soul. Being in the presence of beautiful fabrics, new shapes, and interesting design makes me a better designer. Honestly, art makes us better humans. Having attended many fashion shows and looking forward in attending many more, I always walk away excited, inspired and ready to create.